While most beauty and wellness establishment owners many not think much about salon aprons when setting up their businesses, these items are important because they help set the look and vibe of your workspace and your brand. If you have upscale décor and plain salon aprons, you may not be giving off the desired image to your clients. Conversely, if the protective garments you provide to your clients are extremely intricate but you want to evoke a more calm, laid-back atmosphere, you may want to consider a more basic, single-toned option.
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Salonchic Expressions All-purpose Apron EA
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Salonchic Leopard Styling Apron EA
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Salonchic Zebra Salon Apron EA
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Betty Dain Amazing Apron Black Ea
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Salonchic Bamboo Fiber Salon Apron
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Betty Dain Jelly Apron - Black Ea
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