Every Client Matters
Posted by US Salon Supply on 6/6/2015
There seems to be a Hallmark card for everything. Weddings, engagements, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, “I’m sorry I killed your cat” cards. There should be a Hallmark card for finding a good stylist. “Congratulations on your new stylist/client relationship!” They seem to be so few and far between these days.

I’d been going to one stylist for several years on the recommendation of a friend who had beautiful hair. At first she seemed to take her time with me. I could tell this stylist wanted to make sure I looked good, that I was happy with the service. For a while it worked, until I became one of her regulars. She became complacent, made a few quick clips and barely styled it. Half the time I felt like an idiot when I left.

Why wasn’t I a valued client anymore I wondered? I thought I was a good tipper - usually more than 20% even if I felt she didn't deserve it. That couldn't be it. Over the years, we’d become friends, had even gone out for drinks on a number of occasions. Maybe that’s why. Maybe she knew she didn’t have to work as hard with me because we were friends.

I got tired of driving and sitting in traffic to pay premium prices for a mediocre haircut that I knew could be much better had she cared just a little bit more. It just seemed like she was on autopilot, just going through the motions. But she knew I’d keep coming back anyway. That’s where she was wrong.

The take-away is this. Every client is important, and every client deserves to be treated as if he or she is the only one in the salon. Don’t have conversations with other stylists while you’re cutting my hair. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Take more than fifteen minutes to wash, cut, and style my hair. Listen to what I’m asking you to do. If you don’t think it’ll work, tell me, and maybe suggest something that might. Talk to me like you care about how I look, and how I feel. Allow me to be honest.
Allow me to be quiet.

If I like what you’ve done for me, and you continue to put for the same effort every time, then maybe I’ll send you a Hallmark card when I think you might be the one.

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