Free-standing styling stations offer salons the modern functionality they need

Free-Standing Styling Stations: Modern Functionality For Salons
Posted by Annie on 6/2/2014

With the beauty industry booming today the needs of clients are also increasing. Beauty salon owners have to invest in high quality equipment today to ensure they can provide their clients the level of services they need. One of the most important elements in any beauty salon is a good quality, easy to use styling station.

Free-standing hair styling stations

There are several different types of styling stations available today. Some of these are free-standing or portable while others are wall-mounted. Styling stations are very versatile and practical and an essential in any salon. This piece of furniture doesn't take up much space. For modern salons, it makes more sense today to invest in a portable styling station since it can be easily dragged anywhere needed and therefore more useful.

Factors to consider when buying styling stations

For salon owners it is important to invest in styling stations that are tough, durable and high quality. The surface of the station can be melamine or good quality plywood while the knobs are usually chrome or brass. For a styling station to work well it has to be paired with comfortable seating and mirrors of appropriate size to allow clients to see the styling.

A good styling station should be easy to use for the stylist and comfortable for the client. Choose a model based on the available space in your salon. Some of the options available today include styling islands and tower stations. You can also find several modular varieties with two-sided mirrors. This works well in salons with numerous stylists and clients. Ensure there is good lighting in the salon, especially over the mirrors. The styling stations should also have adequate storage and drawers to store all styling materials and tools.


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