Hair Colouring Services- Running a Business While Helping Customers Feel Great
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Running a day spa or hair salon has been considered by experts as recession-proof business model. According to experts and industry observers, salon services like having a hair cut or hair colouring are some of the services that consumers give up last during trying economic times. And who would give up on services that can make you look and feel good, right? When income is running low, and the tough economic times are rearing its ugly head, the popular solution for many (particularly women) is to spend quality time in the salon to change the colour of the hair or to get a haircut. For many individuals, a routine visit to salons provides them a confidence boost, putting them in a positive note to face the world. 

As a ‘highly resilient industry’, the hair salon business provides opportunities for growth to hair salon owners. While the business model is a resilient one, it doesn’t automatically deliver the profits to anyone who sets up a shop and offer salon services including hair colouring. Running a successful business require the right mix of business acumen, marketing skills, hair colouring skills and of course, understanding the major hair colouring services. 

Permanent or semi-permanent-Hair colouring options for salon customers 

When it comes to hair colouring services, hair salon owners can a variety of dyeing services, from ammonia-free hair colouring to the application of bleach and highlights. While salon customers can enjoy a variety of hair colouring services, there are two popular hair colouring services that every salon owner should know and understand- permanent hair colour and semi-permanent hair colour. 

As the name suggests, permanent hair colour will permanently change the hair colour of the customer, through ammonia which serves as the active ingredient. Ammonia is often combined with a developer in different volumes to effect change on hair colour. This active ingredient serves as an alkalizer which can open the cuticle layers, thus facilitating the entry of the developer and colour molecules into the cortex. Once the process has been complement, the developer then lightens the pigment and color molecules become permanently retained in the cortex. This hair salon service is often recommended for individuals with gray hair coverage, with lightening natural hair color and for those who want to permanently change their hair’s colour. There’s a wide range of products and hair supplies available, with different concentrations and application recommendations. 

Customers can also check out semi-permanent hair colouring services. Also known as temporary hair colouring services, this hair salon service is recommended for customers who often changes hair colour on a regular basis. These services can be completed by directly using an applicator since there’s no mixing of ingredients required. Semi-permanent hair colouring is different from temporary hair colouring since it lasts longer. Color may lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the quality of the hair colouring products used. 

Whatever option is selected, it’s best to care for your (and the customer’s) hair. Constant dyeing and colouring of the hair can reduce its elasticity, and may increase the chances of breakage. If hair colouring must be done on a regular basis, then interventions must be in place including proper care, use of appropriate color-protecting shampoo and other hair products and proper hydration. Color fades fast when drowned in water, so take care of your dyed hair by avoiding excessive rinsing of dyed hair.


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