Hair Salon Apparel- Making Safety a Priority in Salons
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Every small business owner should understand the basic and fundamental requirements that will keep the business running. While it’s understandable to count on the income that the business will generate in the long term, it’s equally important to pay attention first to the fundamental building blocks of the business that should pave the way for business sustainability and success. This principle applies to all types of business models, hair salon included. In running a hair salon business, business owners should start from scratch, filling up the basic requirements from hair care products including shampoos and dyes to barber to cutting shears. But aside from these usual hair salon requirements, there’s still one requirement that’s equally important-hair salon apparel. Hair salon apparel including aprons, barber apparel, chemical capes, styling capes and vests and jackets. These are critical salon requirements that also directly impact customer satisfaction and can help build the branding of your hair salon business. 

Protection against chemicals and helps promote cleanliness 

Consider your hair salon staff as the front-liners when it comes to delivery of hair care services from hair coloring, curling to hair smoothing. And just like other employees, they are also open to risks directly associated to their line of work. Threats and risks come in the form of harsh chemicals that may be produced when applying nail and hair care treatments. Researches point to the hair and nail products that contain traces of chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health. These chemicals are often linked to skin irritations, headaches and a host of other serious health concerts like asthma. Salon workers who regularly use, apply or even spray these chemical-laden products are more open to risks. While it’s a difficult to ignore the use of these products inside the salon for business reasons, there are other creative ways on how to secure the protection of salon workers from the constant barrage of harmful chemicals. One effective (and creative) way of limiting the risks is by investing in appropriate hair salon apparel. 

Choose appropriate and job-specific hair salon apparel 

Hair salon apparel comes in many forms from aprons and jackets, and available in different materials and designs making shopping confusing. Before shopping, consider a job assessment to identify appropriate apparel for specific salon services. For example a salon cape or apron with silky finish is recommended so hair pieces will not stick on the fabric. For shampooing jobs, you may want to invest in towels with tight and heavier weave so water will not easily penetrate into the fabric. And when it comes to handling dyes and chemicals, it’s a good start to buy materials with water repellent or water resistant finish. 

Paying attention to the materials on top of style and cost is a cost-effective start in promoting a safer hair salon. While it may not necessarily add value to beauty and treatment services for customers, investing in hair salon apparel can bring dividends for the business and salon workers in the long term.


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