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For technicians, it is important to get the best possible education. Knowing the proper techniques can help grow your clientele because you are better able to produce the looks your customers wants. U.S. Salon Supply has Milady Cosmetology products so you can learn new ways to do hair.

If you want material you can read to learn the proper technique, we carry Milady Cosmetology workbooks and texts on a variety of different topics. The practical workbook will teach you all the things you need to know about cutting and styling your customers hair. Then grab the theory text in order to learn more advanced hair care.

When you think you're ready to take the test find an exam review. This book will give you a review of the key topics you learned in the text to reinforce the theories you learned. This is perfect for new stylists who want to get an idea of proper cutting and styling as well as advanced technicians who need to further their education.

Milady Cosmetology also has materials so you can learn how to do certain things. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about using clippers to get various different cuts. The DVD from Milady Cosmetology shows just how to get the feathered look that your clients will love. Other DVDs show you how to get other unique styles and designs. Learn the high bald fade along with ways to blend hair to sculpt your clients hair properly.

Another thing you can learn from these DVDs is to be able to style, cut, and color ethnic hair. Some individuals have different types of hair that range from very dry to extremely curly. There are certain things that need to be done to get these customers the right style while also getting their locks soft and luscious. Get an instructional video that teaches you all you need to know about this type of client.

Head on over to and find the educational materials you want to learn the techniques you need to know. From the proper foiling to applying color, learn everything about styling clients so all your customers leave happy every time.