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Necessary Tools For A Makeup Artist On-The-Go
Posted by Us Salon Supply on 10/27/2014

If you’re a traveling makeup artist you need the right equipment to transport all of your makeup necessities between appointments as well as keep your tools organized. So if you’re just starting out in the makeup business or looking to update your equipment, follow these guidelines and learn some great tips from industry professionals.

Invest In a Transportable Case

A transportable case should be top of your list to tote your equipment. A solid, preferably aluminum sided case with a lock to secure your tools is best. Most transportable makeup cases have a handle, handles or wheels for ease of transport. At US Salon supply, we carry a full selection of aluminum makeup cases from you to choose from. Aluminum is great because it is lightweight as well as incredibly durable and professional looking. Make sure to test out your case and make sure its not too heavy. If your case is too heavy you may need an additional smaller case or to streamline your tools. But let’s face it, a small case is probably your best option!

Cosmetics Bags And Organizers

As a traveling makeup artist you have to have extra of everything. Extra brushes, extra palettes, extra q-tips, etc. Procuring the perfect cosmetic bag and organizer is incredibly important. To make it easy to find exactly what you need transparent, plastic organizers are recommended. US Salon Supply also has a range of cosmetic organizers to add to your collection.

Locks And ID Tags For Flight Travel

If you’ve booked a big gig in a different city and need to take a plane to get there, consider purchasing a lock and ID tags for your makeup case. Checking your makeup case may be your best option, especially for larger, heavier cases. So be sure to protect your equipment and label it in case your beat your makeup to your destination.

Invest in your makeup artist business and purchase the right equipment. It will make you look more professional and help make your life a little easier.

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