Hair Salon Apparel- Making Safety a Priority in Salons
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Every small business owner should understand the basic and fundamental requirements that will keep the business running. While it’s understandable to count on the income that the business will generate in the long term, it’s equally important to pay attention first to the fundamental building blocks of the business that should pave the way for business sustainability and success.
Hair Colouring Services- Running a Business While Helping Customers Feel Great
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Running a day spa or hair salon has been considered by experts as recession-proof business model. According to experts and industry observers, salon services like having a hair cut or hair colouring are some of the services that consumers give up last during trying economic times. And who would give up on services that can make you look and feel good, right? When income is running low, and the tough economic times are rearing its ugly head, the popular solution for many (particularly women) is to spend quality time in the salon to change the colour of the hair or to get a haircut. For many individuals, a routine visit to salons provides them a confidence boost, putting them in a positive note to face the world.
A Beautiful Year: Spa and Salon Trends for 2015
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The oldest baby-boomer this year will turn 70 while the youngest, 50. So what do these numbers say for the savvy salon owner? For starters, there will be increased demand for anti-aging services. Whether that be focused on reducing wrinkles, soothing aching muscles, or looking good in general, that industry looks at a projected revenue of $300 billion this year. That's an immensely huge market to tap into if you are planning to focus on providing services for the elderly. Expect that there will be an exponential rise in the demand for creams, lotions, moisturizers and oils, masques and wraps, skin protectants, and spa and skin care accessories.
Hair Care Recommendations for Busy Professionals
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Hair is the extension of oneself, a reflection of the state of health and personality. A healthy and problem-free hair also serves as a confidence-booster, helping individuals face everyday challenges with a positive outlook.
Retain Your Clients with Common Sense
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When a first-time customer walks into your salon, there is huge potential to increase your client load, and ultimately your bottom line. But that’s not really why you got into the business, is it? You do it to make people happy by making them feel beautiful. If a customer doesn’t return after the second visit, here are some common sense practices you might want to consider for future clients.
The Importance of Salon Hygiene
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Following are a few tips and suggestions to keeping your salon attractive, clean and safe to your clientele.