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Salon Management
Posted by US Salon Supply on 8/23/2014 to Product Information
Every beautician will testify to the importance of the right salon supplies above all other elements in the salon and spa business.
The Top Five Tools Every Hair Stylist Needs
Posted by Us Salon Supply on 7/25/2014 to Product Information
Hairstylists both experienced and new can benefit from owning the proper tools. The following provides a short guide to five of the top supplies needed for you to be a successful stylist.
The 10 Benefits of Epsom Salts
Posted by IT Support on 1/21/2001 to News
Epsom salts have been in use for many decades now. Initially used as a cure for joint pains, the Epsom salts have become a commercially viable product. Epsom salts are a variant of the magnesium sulfate and these ingredients make it a product that has a lot of benefits in store for you.