Retain Your Clients with Common Sense
Posted by U.S. Salon Supply on 11/26/2014 to News
When a first-time customer walks into your salon, there is huge potential to increase your client load, and ultimately your bottom line. But that’s not really why you got into the business, is it? You do it to make people happy by making them feel beautiful. If a customer doesn’t return after the second visit, here are some common sense practices you might want to consider for future clients.

Pay attention to what they want. Even if you’re not sure the idea is right for them, it’s what they want. If you give them what they ask for, they can’t complain. A woman stuck in 1987 may not want to get rid of her “fullet,” because it’s what she’s comfortable with. You might think a change would do her good, but let her make that decision when she’s ready.

Take your time. Don’t rush through their service because you have another client waiting. I can’t remember how many times a stylist asked me “how I liked it” when I felt that she wasn’t finished and felt that my time in the chair was rushed. More often than not, I felt worse coming out than I did going in. The better they feel about themselves when they leave your salon, the more likely it is they’ll return.

Listen to their silence. Some people are afraid to say what they really think, especially if they don’t like something. If you notice that they’re quiet when you ask them what they think, you know something is wrong. Address it. It could be something minor, and that little acknowledgement could be the difference between a one-time client and a client for life.

Keeping these basic and common sense customer service tips in mind will surely have a positive impact on your salon’s client list. Simply paying attention to their needs and making them feel like they’re the only one that matters will do more for your clients than you can imagine. Good customer service can only result in a growing client list.

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