Salon Interior Design: 6 Tips to Attract and Keep Customers
Posted by US Salon Supply on 6/5/2015

Have you just opened your own salon? Or perhaps you're thinking of giving it a new look or dolling it up and renovating to make it seem more appealing to customers.

Appearance matters in this business. After all, with the tough competition, you have to make your salon look more attractive than others which will eventually pull the customers toward you. If you have remarkable services to match your impressive interiors, then customers will definitely keep coming back.

Take a look at these important tips you ought to consider when it comes to salon interior design:

1.      Pick a Suitable Theme.

You can inject more fun and make things seem more interesting by incorporating a theme. It depends on your target market, of course. If you're gearing for the upscale market, perhaps a Paris theme, tea party setup, or nature paradise spa theme could be done. Meanwhile, if you're after the middle class market, your design doesn't have to be too classy but can be comfy and fun. For instance, you can go for a ranch or cowboy theme, garden theme, etc.

2.      Choose 2 to 3 Colors.

Based on your theme and target market, you need to decide on your color scheme next. Let's say you're running a salon for kids. Then you ought to choose bright, cheerful colors such as red, blue, and yellow. But if your clientele is mostly women from the upper scale market, you might wish to use dainty pastels, nudes, and earth colors that look posh and luxurious. The colors will also depend on the ambiance you want.

3.      Plan Your Space Well.

Expert interior designers will tell you that narrow or smaller spaces may seem warm and comfy but may get overcrowded, while huge spaces may appear cold and unenticing yet will allow the people to move around freely. You must balance out your space. If you have a large area, you can use furniture, décor, and lighting to make the salon still look cozy and friendly. If you don't have much space, make sure to schedule appointments, allot a waiting area, and make use of space-saving furniture and equipment.

4.      Add Furniture and Décor.

Naturally, when it comes to salon interior design, you won't only fill the space with the mirrors and dressers, the counters and displays, and the various pieces of equipment and supplies. You have to make people feel comfortable and relaxed by adding furniture and décor that will make them feel as if they are unwinding in a welcoming environment. These items don't need to be lavish or expensive, but should go well with your theme, style, and the overall feel.

5.      Have Appropriate Lighting.

Lighting is of utmost importance, whether for interior design at home or in your salon. There are actually salons which make use of dim lighting but with portable spotlights. However, this may not work out for hair treatments and the like but will just be okay for nail care. To be on the safe side, it's still best to have ample lighting for customers to be able to see what's happening to their hairs, faces, nails, etc. You can have dim or adjustable lighting in particular corners or areas which are utilized for massages, foot spas, and the like.

6.      Add Entertainment.

Make sure to also incorporate entertainment for customers who are waiting. Thus, you may want to provide a nice TV set in the waiting area and even in strategic locations around the salon. Also ensure that you have a lot of different magazines that cater to your target market. In other salons, they also have some coffee table books and even a corner for kids where available storybooks, puzzles, and coloring materials can keep them preoccupied.

Remember that interior design counts a lot in the success of your salon. Therefore, you ought to plan and execute it well. If you can afford a professional designer, that would certainly be great.


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