Summer Pedicures

Summer Pedicures
Posted by Wil on 5/17/2014

With summer coming up, women are kicking off their boots and sneakers and slipping into sandals and flip flops.  Salon owners can be safe in expecting in influx of business for manicures and pedicures.

Men and women alike can benefit from pedicures by having healthy and attractive feet and nails.

Walking on your feet all day can create callouses and other uneven skin conditions.  A professional pedicure will exfoliates skin, as well as remove any callouses on the bottom of feet.  This not only makes feet more attractive, it also helps distribute weight more evenly across feet, which can reduce leg and back pain after standing for long periods.

The massaging action involved in a pedicure helps to improve blood circulation to your extremities.  This can reduce pain and help your body distribute heat during cold months.  Also, if you’ve had a pedicure, you know just how amazingly relaxing it can be.

Fungi often grow on toe nails when feet are exposed to excess moisture.  Often, it takes a few weeks for the infection to become noticeable.  However, a professional manicurist will be able to identify a fungal infection even in its early stages, when it is most easily treated.  Getting regular pedicures is actually a great way to maintain healthy toes.

The professional pedicurist wants to ensure a relaxing experience.  Soft music, comfortable chairs and a calming environment are some of the ways to help your client relax and enjoy.

Salon owners should be prepared for the increase in business.  Having a full stock of nail files, pumice stone, callous remover, heal cream and a wide variety of nail polish colors on hand will keep you from panicking during an extra busy weekend rush.

U.S. Salon Supply has everything a salon owner or professional pedicurist needs to make your clients feet soft, healthy and pretty.

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