Posted by Danny on 5/3/2014

The beard has been an appearance trend in men’s fashion now for several years. They’ve become ubiquitous, growing from part of the hipster lifestyle of the late 00s to be embraced by celebrities, designers, and the media.

You might think that with so many bearded men, barbers and stylists would be worried. Who are they going to shave when all the men sport facial hair? Smart barbers know that this huge uptick in beards will only serve to boost business. Why? Because most of those bearded men have no idea how to trim and care for their whiskers and have been turning to them for guidance.

Also, subtle subsets and not-so-subtle changes in the trend are ripe to be exploited by a smart stylist.

The scary days of long, BoHo hipster beards have thankfully passed, and we find most men who wish to maintain a beard are sporting a well-trimmed beard and moustache which draw attention to a good jawline. Many are even trimming down to a longish scruff, rather than a full beard.

According to some Australian researchers, this pendulum swing back from full-beardedness is a common, almost Darwinian, social cycle. Long unkempt beards are giving way to well-conditioned and trimmed ones, or even to clean-shaven jawlines once again.

The BBC reported on the research and what is most striking is that the trend away from beardedness (just like the trend toward it a decade ago) is driven by potential mates. It’s a critical mass argument; when most men are clean-shaven, an attractive bearded man stands out from the crowd. Now that beards are everywhere, it’s the glowing, healthy jawline that draws attention. Media outlets are running stories about the decline of the beard, so our prediction is "The Great Shave Event of 2014" is upon us!

To be sure you’re best positioned to make the most of the bearding and un-bearding trends, be fully stocked on cutlery, conditioners, and moisturizing skin care products. Whether they’re trimming them down or shaving them off, men are flocking to barbers and salons to take care of their facial hair.

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