The Basics of Salon Management
Posted by Us Salon Supply on 2/20/2015

Every beautician will testify to the importance of the right salon supplies above all other elements in the salon and spa business. The layout and interior decoration will always play second fiddle to salon furniture and equipment. After all, treatments and products are really the essential aspects of the salon experience. Additionally, they also constitute a recurring expenditure, and make salon stock taking a vital task for every owner.

Running a successful salon may not seem extremely managerial, but do not be fooled. Creating a winning salon means tying together various aspects of beauty, style and luxury. One factor is the interior design which encompasses not just the layout but the salon furniture as well. A professional salon offers a variety of treatments and each comes with corresponding salon furniture. From shampoo bowls to pedicure stations, salon furniture comprehensively covers a client from top to bottom. Choose furniture that adds to the positive experience of your salon. Elements of chic never go unnoticed and the salon furniture chosen must reflect the style and theme of the interior design.

Basic salon supplies include salon towels, bobby pins, bottle, hair foil and so many other small yet significant items. There’s probably none as indispensable as the salon towel. With each treatment offered, a set of salon towels must be at hand to aid and assist beauticians in the job. Most professionals would consider their towels to be silent co-workers, preventing things from getting too messy. Towels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. But there’s one thing in common about salon towels they’ll always be needed by salon and spa professionals.

Planning and scheduling at the salon is a professional task, and a good management tip is to keep staff prepared for appointments so things run like clockwork. Salon appointment books help assistants and the receptionist to track client’s timings and treatments. Used as a master list of sorts, the salon appointment book can also maintain vital customer information like contact numbers in case of a rescheduled appointment. Proper management of a salon includes a number of behind-the-scenes tasks like stock inventories and scheduling. These, when performed well, can help your business grow and fuel profits.

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