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The Top Five Tools Every Hair Stylist Needs
Posted by Us Salon Supply on 7/25/2014 to Product Information

Hairstylists both experienced and new can benefit from owning the proper tools. The following provides a short guide to five of the top supplies needed for you to be a successful stylist.

1. Flat Iron

A flat iron can be used to create multiple styles of hair for any occasion. They are designed to straighten hair but some stylists use flat irons to create unique curls. When choosing an iron, you usually have the option of choosing a wet-to-dry iron or just a dry iron. A wet-to-dry iron can be used on wet hair when you do not have the time or need to blow dry.

2. Full Set of Brushes and Combs

Another essential component of your hair styling tool belt is a set of hairbrushes and combs. Some of the most common types include:

· Rattail comb

· Wide-toothed comb

· Thermal brush

· Round brush

· Rattail brush

It is important to make sure the brushes are well constructed and feel comfortable in your grip, as you will be using these over and over again.

3. Shears and Scissors

Creating the perfect haircut begins with the scissor in the hands of the stylist. If you are looking to improve your styling creations, look for scissors and shears made from stainless steel. Shears made from this material will not rust and will hold up for a long time before they need replacing.

4. Hair Dryer

Another tool you should have at your side is a hair dryer. This can be used for simple hair drying but when combined with other techniques, it can help you create unique looks. Some of the best hair dryers are “ionic” which reduce frizz, adding shine and smoothness. Quiet models that allow you to converse with your clients are essential in any salon.

5. Beauty Products

You must not forget to stock your shelves with shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and other styling products. These products help you and your clients achieve that final look of glossy curls or a wavy bob that must hold up in high humidity. Today’s market is full of a large selection of professional and all natural products to help you create special looks.

By following these guidelines, you can be well on your way to creating a functional, professional and quality styling experience for all your clients.

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