Training, Education for Salon and Beauty Industry Success

Training and Education for Salons, Hairstylists, Beauticians, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians
Posted by on 4/16/2015

No matter your age or how successful you have been, you are never too old nor too accomplished to stop learning. This is especially true when it comes to those professionals who deal with the public and those for whom performance matters such as salon business owners and those working in the beauty industry. The bottom lines is that salons and beauty professionals who do not deliver on what they promise will not last long in a very competitive environment.

Salon Education You Need to Start Working

Though the education requirements are dependent upon which state you live in, generally speaking most people can start working as a professional a hairstylist, beautician, cosmetologist, or esthetician once they have earned a certificate or a diploma. Going this route does not take much time while giving students a solid base of beauty basics.

That said, many beauty professionals choose to continue their education to earn an associate’s degree in their chosen field or specialty. This course work has students putting in more hours perfecting more techniques than they would acquire by earning a diploma or certificate. Because of this, beauty professionals with associate’s degrees have more professional options than do those with diplomas or certificates.

Continued Education Units For Salons

In addition to this training to get started in the business, salon workers are also required to earn a certain number of continued education units every one, two, or three years. Again, this varies on one’s specialty and location.     

Salon Specialty Training

Of course, there is a wide variety of services that a salon can offer. And for each of these, there are trainings. Just some of these services and trainings include make up application for special occasions such as weddings, eyelash extensions, skin care, facials, chemical peels, enzyme peels and masks, body scrubs, paraffin body wax, body exfoliation services, sanitation and safety, aromatherapy, gel and acrylic nails, spa manicures, and holistic wellness. Taking these trainings does more than give you important skills; these certificates are also marketing tools salons can use to build business.


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