Upsell Your Way to Success with Your Salon |

Upsell Your Way to Success with Your Salon
Posted by Us Salon Supply on 7/16/2014 to News

If you truly want your salon to succeed, which you do, you have got to maximize the revenue you receive from each client. After all, getting them in the door is the biggest challenge you face, so you have to do your best to sell them all that they want.

However, many salon owners and professionals fail to upsell their services and products because they do not want to come across as pushy. This mindset is a mistake and one that will prevent you from succeeding. Speaking about this mental roadblock, Mark D. Foley, a salon industry consultant, said, “So many salon professionals hold back and don't provide the highest level of service to the client because of their own fears of rejection. They have to get out of their own way and give the maximum contribution to their clients."

When it comes to your business, you simply cannot be afraid of rejection. Instead, you must keep in mind that your clients come to you to because they want to look and feel their best. When you offer them services and products that will help them reach their goals, you are making them happy, a feeling for which they will be more than willing to pay for.

While there is a wide selection of services and products a salon professional can upsell, three of the most popular are:

Protein treatments are easy to apply and easy to sell. A protein treatment is highly beneficial to your clients who have bleached or colored hair. To show these clients just how badly they need a protein treatment, give their hair an elasticity test.

Add a gloss to your clients’ hair. Whether they go with a clear or a colored gloss, this service should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes and leave your client looking great. It also gives clients a way to try a new color before going with a complete hair coloring.

Moisturizing treatments are great upsells because they are so quick and easy to apply. Also, they not only help the hair’s health, they protect the scalp’s health.

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