Why You Need to Learn Vintage Makeup and Hairstyling
Posted by US Salon Supply on 3/8/2015 to Specials

It's no secret that vintage styles are becoming more and more popular in fashion. This is why salons should make it a point to train hairdressers and makeup artists to do the retro look, whether the style is from the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, or even eighties!

If you own a salon or you run your own hair and makeup business, it's certainly important to ensure that you are well-versed with these different vintage-themed appearances. There are bound to be a lot of customers who will be requesting such from you for various occasions.

The Vintage Appeal

In the world of beauty and fashion, vintage undoubtedly plays a big role. Many women love the vintage appeal, eager to dress the part especially during formal events. This is because a lot of people today appreciate the classic, elegant look. And of course it's fun to feel as if you've been transported many years ago. It makes for a beautiful yet unique and interesting appearance that will surely increase a woman's confidence.

These days, corporate events, weddings, and other celebrations go for the vintage theme. This is why it's essential for you to be able to learn vintage makeup and hairstyling so you can offer it to customers.

Upgraded Services

Many new salons and startup hair and makeup businesses are not that adept with this particular style. You have to truly learn the various styles from different eras, so you can easily recommend to customers depending on their needs and preferences. It would also be good to know more about which retro look would suit a particular face shape or event.

To increase your knowledge and start practicing, you ought to check out our Dennis Bernard Vintage Hair Styling Book which will surely help you in this aspect. What's more, make sure you have the equipment to accomplish the looks--- hair pins, hair blowers, curlers, multiple colors of lipsticks and eye shadows, etc. We carry these items here so feel free to go over our collection to help you upgrade your services.

In including vintage makeup and hairstyling into your services or even creating a marketing campaign or promo just dedicated to this style, you will definitely expand your reach and increase your sales in the long run.


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