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Every Client Matters
Posted by US Salon Supply on 6/6/2015
There seems to be a Hallmark card for everything. Weddings, engagements, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, “I’m sorry I killed your cat” cards. There should be a Hallmark card for finding a good stylist. “Congratulations on your new stylist/client relationship!” They seem to be so few and far between these days.
Salon Interior Design: 6 Tips to Attract and Keep Customers
Posted by US Salon Supply on 6/5/2015

Have you just opened your own salon? Or perhaps you're thinking of giving it a new look or dolling it up and renovating to make it seem more appealing to customers.

Appearance matters in this business. After all, with the tough competition, you have to make your salon look more attractive than others which will eventually pull the customers toward you. If you have remarkable services to match your impressive interiors, then customers will definitely keep coming back.

Hair Salon Apparel- Making Safety a Priority in Salons
Posted by US Salon Supply on 4/27/2015 to News
Every small business owner should understand the basic and fundamental requirements that will keep the business running. While it’s understandable to count on the income that the business will generate in the long term, it’s equally important to pay attention first to the fundamental building blocks of the business that should pave the way for business sustainability and success.
7 Steps to Managing your Salon – Moving from Behind the Chair
Posted by US Salon Supply on 4/18/2015
If you are a salon owner who spends more time working in your business than on it you may find the business growth is slow, or alternatively has reached a ceiling point that you are finding difficult to burst through. Getting out from behind the chair, i.e. decreasing the amount of clients you do, is easy if you do it right.
Training and Education for Salons, Hairstylists, Beauticians, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians
Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 4/16/2015
Getting the right training is one of the keys to earning success in the beauty industry. Whether you are a salon business owner, hairstylist, beautician, cosmetologist, or esthetician, you need to make sure you keep learning throughout the entirety of your career. 
Hair Colouring Services- Running a Business While Helping Customers Feel Great
Posted by US Salon Supply on 3/26/2015 to News
Running a day spa or hair salon has been considered by experts as recession-proof business model. According to experts and industry observers, salon services like having a hair cut or hair colouring are some of the services that consumers give up last during trying economic times. And who would give up on services that can make you look and feel good, right? When income is running low, and the tough economic times are rearing its ugly head, the popular solution for many (particularly women) is to spend quality time in the salon to change the colour of the hair or to get a haircut. For many individuals, a routine visit to salons provides them a confidence boost, putting them in a positive note to face the world.