Blog - US Salon Supply, 2015/1

Four Ways to Keep Your Salon Clients Happy and Coming Back
Posted by USA Salon on 1/26/2015
When you convert a one-time visitor to your salon into a repeat client, you are making your salon business a success. Thankfully, you can make and keep your salon clients happy by taking a few simple steps. 
Hair Care Recommendations for Busy Professionals
Posted by US Salon Supply on 1/25/2015 to News
Hair is the extension of oneself, a reflection of the state of health and personality. A healthy and problem-free hair also serves as a confidence-booster, helping individuals face everyday challenges with a positive outlook.
Corrective Hair Color
Posted by US Salon Supply on 1/16/2015
Many novices think that hair dye is a one size fits all application, and that is simply not the case. What is right for one head of hair is not necessarily right for another. A general misconception is that the final result of a box dye job will be the same glorious shade as that of the model on the box. Instead, many people experience instead is straw-like hair, uneven color, and unnatural results, or a brassy, orange or green hue.
Pedicures for Diabetic Clients
Posted by US Salon Supply on 1/13/2015

Relationships are the foundation of success, and knowing your clients are the foundation of those relationships.  Did you know that one third of Americans have diabetes?  It is quite possible that one in every three clients who walk in your salon door may have diabetes.  What does this mean to the salon owner?  It means that anyone who does pedicures must be aware of this and should be educated in diabetic foot care.

3 Main Reasons Why You Must Invest in Quality Salon Apparel
Posted by US Salon Supply on 1/2/2015
Every salon owner has to invest in salon apparel that's of good quality. You can't just do with so-so capes, jackets, headwear, and other garments that are utilized daily in the salon if you really wish to succeed in this industry. In order to get ahead of the game, gain greater credence, make both your customers and employees happy, and ultimately increase your sales, you should never neglect salon apparel.