Blog - US Salon Supply, 2015/2

The Basics of Salon Management
Posted by Us Salon Supply on 2/20/2015
Every beautician will testify to the importance of the right salon supplies above all other elements in the salon and spa business. The layout and interior decoration will always play second fiddle to salon furniture and equipment. After all, treatments and products are really the essential aspects of the salon experience. Additionally, they also constitute a recurring expenditure, and make salon stock taking a vital task for every owner.
A Beautiful Year: Spa and Salon Trends for 2015
Posted by US Salon Supply on 2/17/2015 to News
The oldest baby-boomer this year will turn 70 while the youngest, 50. So what do these numbers say for the savvy salon owner? For starters, there will be increased demand for anti-aging services. Whether that be focused on reducing wrinkles, soothing aching muscles, or looking good in general, that industry looks at a projected revenue of $300 billion this year. That's an immensely huge market to tap into if you are planning to focus on providing services for the elderly. Expect that there will be an exponential rise in the demand for creams, lotions, moisturizers and oils, masques and wraps, skin protectants, and spa and skin care accessories.