Turn Your Salon Customers into Repeat Salon Clients

Four Ways to Keep Your Salon Clients Happy and Coming Back
Posted by USA Salon on 1/26/2015

As a small business owner, you undoubtedly know that the key to the success of your salon is the ability of you and your staff to keep your clients happy, happy enough that they spread the good word and keep on coming back.

Reward Your Most Valuable Clients

Your most valuable clients (MVC) are those who refer you to their friends and families. Therefore, you want to reward your MVCs for each referral that they make. Something as simple as a thank you card containing a discount card goes a long ways towards showing your MVCs that you truly appreciate them and their business.

Enough with the Fashion and Entertainment Mags

Yes, pretty much every salon has reading material for their clients to read. However, the problem is that most salons only have fashion and entertainment mags. Well, guess what. Not all people like to read about fashion and who Jennifer Aniston is dating. To make sure everyone has something to occupy their time while waiting, add a news magazine, a sports one, and National Geographic to the mix. This last magazine is incredibly inexpensive.

Value Your Clients’ Time

One of the greatest ways to demonstrate that you appreciate a client is to value their time. To do this, you must not keep clients waiting after their scheduled appointment time. If you find that you are continually getting to clients late, change your scheduling policy by giving each client a bit more time in the appointment book.

Make Your Salon a Breathe Free Zone

The thing about salons is that they tend to smell bad, smell chemically. Make sure your place of business has an effective air purifying system that keeps its air fresh and clean. No one wants to give repeat business to a place that smells like a chemistry lab.

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